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We are available throughout the summer months to treat wasp nests

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About wasp nest treatment:

Wasp nests treated within your home or garden in the Glasgow & Lanarkshire areas.

Almac pest services are specialists in the pest control area of wasp nest treatment in Glasgow & Lanarkshire. We are trained to the highest  standards and are equipped to deal with the unique dangers that can arise from  a wasp nest on your home or business property.

We can arrange to visit your property to destroy wasps nests.

It is important  that if you find a wasp nest on your property that you leave it alone as agitated wasps can be a real danger to you & your family and wasp stings can even prove to be fatal in extreme circumstances.  You should NEVER seal up a wasp nest entry point in the building, this will make your wasp problem worse & also make it difficult for a wasp control technican to carry out an effective treatment.
We pride ourselves  on our professional approach and we will undertake a full risk assessment before undertaking any work and will happily provide a step by step explanation of how the hazard will be removed from the property.

Our wasp nest control technician will identify the source of the wasp infestation and apply specialist commercial insecticide into the wasps nest entrance.  As the wasps return to their nest they will carry the insecticide into the nest and the nest will be inactive within just a few hours of our visit.

It is important  that customers stay clear of the nest for a period of  at least 24 hours following the treatment to ensure the treatment has had time to take full effect.
We operate a wasp nest control service throughout 
Glasgow & Lanarkshire.  So call Almac pest services on
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